NYC Mayor demands outcome of presidential election, calls for transition of government

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The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has demanded the release of the outcome of the presidential election and immediate transition of government.

While issuing his demand in a letter sent to the United States General Services Administration headed by Emily W. Murphy, Blasio stated that the President-elect, Joe Biden, needs access to government officials and funds.

“I write to demand that you immediately ascertain the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election and issue the necessary paperwork for the Biden Transition to access government officials and congressionally appropriated funds,” Blasio wrote in his letter.

“It has been nearly three weeks since election day and nearly as many since a winner could be
clearly ascertained. The winner was Joe Biden.

“This is an incontrovertible fact. Your failure to perform your statutory duty under the Presidential Transition Act is both galling and un-American,” he added.

The Mayor further expressed his displeasure about the baseless delay in the transition.

He stated that it does nothing but pander to those who wish the outcome were different than what it was, and further erodes trust in our public institutions.

“You have yet to articulate to the
American people why you are hampering the peaceful transition of power-a tradition that dates back to the founding of our country.

“The empty statements on the GSA further make clear you have no interest in abiding by what the American tradition and law require of you,” the letter reads.

“Moreover, your inaction is jeopardizing the well-being of millions of Americans in the midst
of a global pandemic. The inability of federal agency statt to communicate and share information with the Biden Transtion hampers both the response to and recovery trom the CovId- 19 pandemic,” it adds

He stated that at this critical juncture, with vaccine distribution just around the corner and peak numbers of
Covid-19 cases, it is more important than ever that govemmental protessionals can communicate, collaborate, and coordinate plans to help protect Americans.

“My city knows all too well the importance of robust Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supply chains and the life-threatenin consequences that emerge when they fail.

“By inhibiting government officials from speaking with the Biden Transition, you make further vuinerable the federal government’s ability to ensure critical PPE is available to doctors, nurses, and first responders,” the letter states.

The time to act is now. The outcome of the election is more than ascertainable. It is fully knowable. Joe Biden has won, and it is in our national interest to aid the transition of power to him and help the American people.

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