Egypt adopts New measures to tackle Covid-19

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The Egyptian government has adopted new precautionary measures to tackle the spike in newly recorded coronavirus cases.

On Wednesday December 30, 2020, the Egyptian Health Ministry reported 56 new deaths due to COVID-19 on, bringing the death toll in the country to 7,576.

According to the ministry, all Egyptian universities will move to distance learning as of Saturday to combat a possible second wave of the pandemic. Also, all exams will be postponed until the winter holidays are over.

Among the new preventative measures that the government announced, the number of staff in ministries, provinces and official institutions will be reduced by endorsing a new system to manage shifts.

Also, starting Sunday, fines will be imposed on any violators of the precautionary measures.

The government also banned New Year holiday events.

The health ministry spokesman, Khaled Moujahed, said that 136,644 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the country, while over 111,451 patients had recovered.

“The total number of patients who died from the disease so far reached 7,576,” he said.

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