Our democracy survives insurrection in Washington DC

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Dr. George Onuorah

The wind of political change blowing across the nation will culminate January 20, with the enthronement of a new dispensation headed by a true democrat instead of a perceived political tyrant cum novice or nonentity, fortunately entrusted with the high modicum of responsibility to govern a great nation called America. The land of the free and home of the brave.

Make no mistake, the insurrection we witnessed in real time from news media networks that also saturated social media is beyond pale, no doubt an attempt to divert attention, undermine our cherished democratic values with possible intention of continuing the politics of contempt and contumely propagated by this administration and dispensation that has hurt the cumulative progress made during past presidents especially President Obama who was first African American elected to President in the land of Lincoln.

Fortunately, we still have a few good men in Washington DC fighting for us, namely Hon. Charles Schumer and counterpart Kirsten Gillibrand, both United States senators representing the Empire State in the United States Congress.

Politics has never been a selfish endeavor or enterprise, although throughout human history a few nefarious leaders have risen to inflict injury and injustice on an otherwise structured model of governance instituted and originated from ancient Greece to help better the human condition.

Bettering the human condition is actually what gravitated my interest to study the science of politics or political science in college. I have studied it and actually understood the functionality.

When I’m speaking or analyzing political trends be sure, I understand what I’m talking about or discussing. Arguably for more than 40 years I have amassed great knowledge about grassroot politics and the workability of political institutions. After all, was it not Aristole who reminded us that “Man is by nature a political animal.”

The unfortunate incident that took place January 7 in the confines of United States Congress the huge edifice we know as “The Capitol Building” was desecrated by individuals whose intentions was probably political.

Whatever motivated these individuals to engage in outright nefarious behavior was not just humiliating but appalling to undermine the fabric of our democracy and democratic institution.

George Onuorah and Senator Schumer

Make no mistake, let us learn from the lesson to make sure we elect best candidates for public office to help us checkmate against men with no integrity, moral compass or compassion vaulting to pinnacle of leadership because of wealth or nefarious political means.

We should only vote for men and women of civility, honor, patriotism, clear conscience and good political acumen. And even if money can buy one love, it should not buy anyone unchecked political power.

Democracy has checks and balances and it must remain that way.

America has always been a great Nation highly regarded, revered and respected by friends and foe since the founding of the Republic. But in the last four years that respect may have sunk to a new low because of bad leadership. But with Biden-Harris dispensation on the verge of taking office in a matter of days I see a glimmer of hope and the ultimate restoration of cherished American respect coming to life.

No need to fear any continuation of autocracy or any enemy foreign or domestic. The new Democratic Party team with clarity of vision and if they embrace the ideal of democratic government will surely restore sanity in our body politics for good.

God bless America!
Dr. George Onuorah
Author of The Political Diary Of A Rising Son
Email: grisingson@yahoo.com

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