Riverdale Press commended for fact-checking lies against Northwest Bronx Democrats

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Anthony Rivieccio, Founder

Over the course of the 11th Council District special election race, of course, the eventual would happen.

Our organization decided to support candidate Dan Padernacht and while we know the other six candidates in the race would be disappointed- one – 80th AD District Leader Marcos Sierra – went into heart attack blast mode.

After putting on a Facebook live video where he takes “our club pin” and throws it in the garbage, he has gone public in his allegations that our organization did not support him because we did not ” pay for play”!

Pay for play, what? Our endorsement process, from an introductory coffee meeting to a club discussion on issues , to a majority vote, was and is an important functional piece, that I’ll just note for his own reasons of personal privacy , Marcos, actually came in last. Our own unscientific internal club poll, which surveyed all the candidates, chose Mr Sierra, last ( it chose Eric Dinowitz first Dan Padernacht second).

But what does Marcos do? He goes to the Media with these Pay for Play allegations!. The result? An amazing recent Riverdale Press piece published this week.

Anyone that wants a perfect example of pay for play just had to look at a glimpse of it’s highlights. According to The Riverdale Press own reporting:

  • Dan Padernacht paid out $1,800 for advertising in The Riverdale Press — which accounts for more than 32 percent of his total spending of $5,600 since July.
  • Jessica Haller spent $10,750 on Raven Strategies, a political consultant group out of Brooklyn. She also paid nearly $7,500 to her now-former campaign manager, Jeremiah Cedeno
  • Eric Dinowitz sent $7,600 of his campaign funds to Brooklyn where his political consultant, Red Horse Strategies, is based
  • No one paid out more money to political consultants than Mino Lora — more than $16,000, including $7,000 to her campaign manager, Ben Nanna

How much money are we making off of candidate Dan Padernacht? You can ask him yourself. If we’re lucky, $20!. We asked Dan to particapate in a co-branding campaign where we put together marketing materials that were co-branded. In short, for every dollar spent, we made 20 cents. He bought $100 worth of cobranded marketing pins.

More importantly our 12 year record in the 11th CD district speaks for itself. From supporting Oliver Koppell to working with Andrew Cohen. Sadly, Marcos has gone through great lengths to try to discredit our organization and it’s endorsements. We thank Michael Hinman & The Riverdale Press for writing a recent article that shows — maybe— like several others– we should consider the pay for play business!?. After all, it looks like several- including him it appears- are doing fine.

Anthony Rivieccio has been founder of The Northwest Bronx Democrats , a community & political organization since 2003. Their target areas are: Fordham, Kingsbridge , Kingsbridge Heights , Bedford Park, Norwood , Allerton. The current President is Sheila Sanchez .

You can find our Facebook Group page by just going to Facebook search and tying in: “Northwest Bronx Democrats”. We feature daily: NYC & Bronx community & political news, activities & events. Our close to 2000 members include several distinguished : activists, NYC agency staff directors, elected and party officals-, including Councilpeople, State Assembly, State Senate & Congressional representatives, and numerous people of interest

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