Onuorah’s presence in 21 District City Council race intimidates fellow contestants, resident says

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A resident of NY city 21st district who claimed anonymity has described George Onuorah’s presence in the city council race as intimidating as he appeared to be the most qualified candidate for the position among others whose campaign platform has very weak and pseudo agenda for the masses.

“No other contestant has the ability and capability of representing our district like George Onuorah. He compassionate, dedicated to humanitarian services, selfless, religious, well-educated and highly connected. Hence with these unique features, I strongly believe that Onuorah’s presence in the 21st district City Council race is a serious intimidation to his fellow contestants,” said the resident, in an exclusive interview with New York Parrot.

George Onuorah, in another exclusive interview with the Parrot, also noted that his past records as a man for all who believes in collectivism among people of different races, religions and sexual orientation have placed him at a very unique position in the race.

“I am uniquely positioned to serve the 21st district, considering my years of experience serving our community, as a Liaison to City Council, Chair of Consumer Affairs Committee at Community Board 4 representing Corona. As a Community Organizer, I fought for rights of residents while standing up for social justice and LGBTQ rights,” Onuorah said.

“As an immigrant who has resided in Corona Queens for 34 years , I’m not new  to the relentless strives of many struggling to make it, grinding daily to put food on the table for their family.

“My indomitable passion for service to my community focuses on being a voice for people who have been marginalized by economic and racial inequities. Likewise, my journey has always been toward a longitudinal path – from that of a youth leader in my native Nigeria, to my now candidacy for New York City Council. I aspire to represent District 21 in Queens – a region which encompasses Jackson Heights, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States,” he added.

Onuorah therefore promised to serve as a good representative of every resident of NYC 21st district equally and transparently.

“From civil rights to immigrant rights, I will be your voice at City Council.I will be calling to ask for your help, but I will be asking for things more important than money. I need your energy, your time, your ideas and, yes, your votes.

“I’m counting on you to help me make your voice heard because “Together We Rise” and change our district for the better,” he concluded.

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