Desist from calling for Cuomo’s resignation until he’s proven guilty, says Bronx Peacebuilding Commissioner

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The Bronx Commissioner for the National Peacebuiding Commission and human rights activist, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, has called on New Yorkers to desist condemning Governor Andrew Cuomo and termed the accusations against Cuomo ‘yet-to-be-proven’.

According to Drammeh, New Yorkers have to defend the ‘innocent until proven guilty’. He said the maximum protection of the accused must be guaranteed.

While expressing his displeasure about the accusations, Drammeh announced that a press conference will be held at 633 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10017, on Friday March 12, 2021.

In solidarity with Governor Cuomo, he stressed that the conference will address the situation and ensure that New Yorkers protect the rights of the accused.

Drammeh demanded to know if governor Cuomo “is all of a sudden an immediate and present danger to society?”

“Is there a hidden agenda against the accused? How many New Yorkers have all the facts about these allegations as of now? Isn’t the accused innocent until guilty? What’s the legal ground to call for the governor’s resignation before the completion of independent investigations?” he asked.

“We are holding this press conference to uphold the ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ protection. Our civilization is in jeopardy when the accusers and the media have unchecked powers to decide who’s guilty and who’s innocent based on yet to be proven allegations.

“We also disprove of the use of ‘Perp Walk’ as it prejudiced public opinions against the accused, particularly well-known individuals,” Drammeh remarked.

He therefore urged patriotic New Yorkers to be part of the conference. “If you’re as concerned as we do about these two issues, please join us in protecting them. This press conference has less to do with the position of the accused and everything to do to protect the constitutional rights of all the accused,” he urged.

“You must RSVP to participate. We will not tolerate uninvited participants. Pandemic protocols are observed. Please maskup, socially distance and avoid handshaking,” he concluded.

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