New Yorkers need Eric in City Hall, says Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar as she endorses Eric Adams for Mayoral race

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Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar has endorsed Eric Adams for NYC Mayoral race in this year’s election.

While making this pronouncement today, Rajkumar said that she endorsed Eric Adams because he is a civil right leader like her.

“New Yorkers who are overlooked and underserved need Eric in City Hall — someone who will always stand up for them… as a civil rights leader, legislator, borough president and powerful advocate for the ignored and underserved,” Rajkumar

In his response to the endorsement, Eric Adams commended and appreciated Assemblywoman Rajkumar as he described her as an inspiring public servant with keen interest in immigrants and civil rights.

“As the State’s first South Asian woman elected to State office and a champion for immigrants and civil rights, Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar is an inspiring public servant, and I am so grateful to have earned her support!” Adams said.

“Together, we’re calling on the City to make vaccine sites permanent healthcare centers & to put new stimulus funds towards my healthcare access equity plan to open up hundreds of new community health centers in underserved neighborhoods.

“Last week, the federal gov’t announced that 100 new vaccination sites would open in NYC. Now, with an estimated 80% of NY adults vaccine-eligible starting this week, we should put part of our $6B stimulus towards doubling the # of sites & making them permanent healthcare centers.

“The centers will provide basic exams, preventive care & will be accessible to everyone, including the uninsured & undocumented. It’s all part of my equity initiative to bring resources directly into low-income areas, serving those most in need,” he added.

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