US Congress confirms appointment of first American Indian secretary

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The US Senate has confirmed the appointment of Rep. Deeb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior in President Joe Biden’s administration.

The appointment on Tuesday March 16, 2021, has been described as a wide and symbolic historic move that made her the first Native American female minister.

Fifty-one members of the Senators voted in favor of her appointment to 40, with most Republicans voting against her after many described her views on public land use and fossil fuels as extremist.

In 2018 Haaland of New Mexico was elected one of the first two Native American women to Congress

Reuters reported that US President-Democratic Joe Biden chose US Representative Deep Haaland from New Mexico to take over the Ministry of the Interior.

The agency quoted three sources as saying: “US Representative Deep Haaland from New Mexico has emerged as the main option for President Joe Biden to head the Ministry of the Interior, a choice that will make her the first indigenous American to lead a ministerial agency.”

The sources confirmed to “Reuters”, that Haaland will seek to enter into the expansion of renewable energy production on US soil, to contribute to combating climate change, and to reverse the focus of the country’s former President Donald Trump on boosting the production of fossil fuels.

Two of the sources said, “The Biden team finalized the decision on Haaland, after they studied concerns about the loss of a Democratic member in the US House of Representatives, where the Democrats stick to a slim majority.”

However, the third source confirmed to the agency that the decision had been taken and that the announcement was imminent.

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