‘Together We Rise In Equality’, Easter Message from George Onuorah

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Happy Easter marking Christ resurrection. And as a community, we are at the same time navigating the unfortunate effect of Covid-pandemic that has caused over 50,000 deaths in our City.

Today, our goals is returning us to normalcy and strengthening our bounds of friendship and community ties. The last time I checked we are still “One Nation Under God.” And no matter how you slice that pie, peace, love and unity will help us get through our present challenges and circumstances.

As a Christian, I want to state unequivocally that one of the things we sometimes take for granted is caring and loving one another. Love unites and does not divide or discriminate. Hate divides and discriminate amongst us. Evidenced by recent reports of hate crimes against Asians widely reported in and around our City.

But leaders past and present have tried to encourage us to build enduring bridges across our cultural, ethnic and religious divides. For instance, Councilman Daniel Dromm, currently representing the 25th district has always been an advocate of our community coming together under the umbrella of “One Love.”

An unabashed and uncompromising leader in the LGBTQ Community, he once represented my neighborhood LeFrak City and was superbly very effective. Like Mr. Dromm, I share the idea of universal love and caring for one another for humanity’s sake.

His bold leadership was always palpable. We were originally not always in the same camp although we were staunch Democrats. We United forces to sell and elect Barack Obama president of United States in 2007 when very few thought it was impossible to elect a black man President of the greatest nation on earth. But “It always seems impossible until it’s done “- Nelson Mandela. But whatever differences then was artificial as I was working for another New York City Councilmember and constrained or should I say with exercising independent action. Danny as many refer him also appointed me to serve on the Community Board representing LeFrak City. Needless to say that I served meritoriously and even rose to become chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee.

Councilman Dromm and I share the vision of uniting our community to make our world a better place. We share parallel vision of political activism in the sphere of social justice, equality and education. Following the publishing of my book “The Political Diary of A Rising Son” in 2010 Danny organized book signing at the Jewish Center of Jackson Heights in the heart of his district. Danny also invited me to speak at his Press Conference with Community Leaders when he was appointed NYC Council Chair of the Immigration Committee. The synergy we built over the years is a testament for the passion for serving our community and immigrants struggling to make it.

For me, I cannot for the life of me understand why folks are allowed to suffer abject poverty in the midst of plenty? As leaders, elected or not, we should have the compulsion to address human inequity in resource allocation. Despite having studied Political Science and involved in grass root organizing for over 40 years, one reason I decided to throw my hat in the ring is to do something to address the injustice of leaders who shrink from the call of duty after getting into office. When elected I pledge to lead from the front, will not recline, decline nor capitulate from asserting myself from doing the work.

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