Covid-19: George Onuorah calls on constituents to get vaccinated, help slow the spread

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George Onuorah, Candidate for City Council in the 21st district Queens, has called on his constituents to get vaccination in order to help slow down the spread of Covid-19 in New York City.

He said this on Monday April 5 after receiving his Pfizer vaccine at Citi Field one of the mega sites located at 41 Seaver Way, Queens NY 11368.

“Starting tomorrow, 16 year-old become eligible for vaccination in NYC as all out effort is underway to stop the spread and open up the economy more. I just got my vaccine. You too are implored to follow suit,” Onuorah said.

“Post-Covid NYC era will require competent leaders and council members who can bring about speedy economic recovery, public safety and support for patriotic citizens like the Seniors. I am in for this, and, of course, this is why I am running to become the City Council member representing 21st district Queens,” he added.

George has been a Community leader and activist on equality and environmental sustainability, an author – his book is “The Political Diary Of A  Rising Son”  Mr. Onuorah  has resided in Corona Queens for more than three decades, served as liaison to City Council member, was Chairman of Consumer Affairs Committee on his Community Board serving 2 terms. 
The candidate Mr. Onuorah described this pandemic as ” the worst cataclysmic event in human history in his lifetime” and called on his constituents to get vaccinated to help slow the spread so we can return our community and country to normalcy.

Needless to say that current 21st district City Council race will be paid some attention as the area was trust into limelight being not just the epicenter of the pandemic but arguably considered most diverse in the United States if not the world. A visit to Jackson Heights Queens will convince with her rich culture and ethnic diversity.

Other candidates in the race include the incumbent Francisco Moya, Ingrid Gomez.

Mr. Onuorah a Nigerian immigrant stand to make history as first African to be elected to the City Council or to any elected public office in New York City. His vision is to help build a better Queens. Among his priorities is returning New York City to post-pandemic economic resurgence with funding to help revive small businesses that is essentially the lifeline of communities everywhere, fighting for a Safer Queens and Advocating for enhanced services for seniors.

Atty. Eunice Ukwuani was appointed new Campaign Manager disclosed the campaign will be issuing a press release next week on their campaigns Agenda for A Better Queens.

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