Boorish Bonhomie! by #madmusings

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Bind them, keep them chained!

Squash their thinking, lock their brains!

Least you supply them knowledge any

They would then demand their rights many!

How would you rule them then?

They would comprehend your evil games!

Of how you fool them, keep them deprived,

How they hopelessly struggle to survive!

Mutilate their intellect, maul their existence

Strategically curb all resistance!

Aware they would revolt against you,

Any facility extended, you shall rue!

Slaves they are, you are the neo age king,

They must in their slogans, your praises sing!

You are the monarch of today!

Bow down to you they must anyway!

To swindle you need to cultivate fools

An intelligent mind would question your rule.

How then shall corruption flourish and bloom?

Only a handful rejoice, rest decay in gloom!

Consciously you must cultivate filth and squalor,

How else you may flaunt your dollars?

Your loathsome loot would be caught,

You shall then in prison rot!

Delude the poor with your glib

Each dreams of theirs meticulously nip!

Beguile them, keep them as living dead,

Unaware, illiterate, they would be afraid!

They shall follow and obey you like a dog,

Worship you like living God!

Never let education be showered on them,

Keep them impoverished, their minds locked and chained!

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