Please Don’t Shade Your Love by Richard O. Ogunmodede

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You picked me up from the choky garden,

Amidst thousands of beautiful and scintillating flowers,

Not minding my thorns and the color of my leaves.

You spotted the radiation that I possessed,

I was flattered by the emotions you poured,

When you perceived my scent.

You stood by me, all through the spring,

Your warm hugs saw me through the coldest winter,

You shaded me through the harsh and hot summer,

You ran your finger all through my petals,

It tickled me through the memorable fall,

That made me feel much more than a flower.

You’ve brought me far, to the place I least imagined,

And my beauty glows, like I’d always wished,

My soul is indebted to your caring love.

But now, I lack the ignorance,

Of what might go wrong,

While the door to your heart is almost shut.

I can imagine how you may have felt,

Journeying this far, and all the stress it took,

Nurturing me with so much love.

Could you please, re-establish your faith in me,

And watch me grow? Then see how the world,

Celebrates the beauty you have produced.

I remain the red rose, you had earlier loved,

That special rose, with much fragrance,

That had captured your heart at first glance.

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