Lattina Brown condemns Democrats, flaws electoral process after losing City Council poll

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Lattina Brown, a Black Women Lead independent “Democratic” candidate for City Council Bronx 17th District, has condemned and accused Democratic Party and the Board of Elections in New York of engaging in electoral fraud in the last general election wherein she lost to the Democratic Party candidate with wide margin.

While reacting to the outcome of the November 2nd general elections on her Facebook wall, Brown lamented that the Democratic party of played corrupt politics at the polls.

She said, “I am deeply saddened by the structure of the Democratic Party in nyc particularly the Bronx. The political machines in nyc is beyond corrupt and I no longer believe in the democrats.”

“I encourage the candidates to create a third party line and start a new revolution. I went to the poll sites and you can clearly see that language barrier is an issue for the African and Garifuna community. The poll workers do not speak the dialect and voters did not fill out their ballots completely.”

She further said some of the candidates who finally won the election had already started celebrating their victories 24 hours before the general elections.

“Incumbents and candidates declared victories literally a day before the general election. Something is very wrong here,” she added.

Brown also blamed and accused voters, in her district and other parts of New York City, of putting their families in dangers because they massively voted for the Democratic Party candidates in the general elections.

“To the voters, you get who you voted for. These incoming candidates will gentrify your community and push you out.

“There will be no generational wealth for your families, no community centers, no homeownership, no business opportunities and no access to real affordable housing. Most of y’all don’t realize the danger you’re putting your families in by electing careless candidates,” Brown lamented.

“2021 election voter turnout was very low and was not a good turnout. Local elections matter! Many walked away and didn’t bother to complete the ballots. Voting should be mandatory and not taken for granted. We caused this mess and now we have to deal with the consequences,” she added.

She therefore warned and admonished voters to seek for help from those they voted for whenever the need arises.

“Do not come knocking on the advocates doors; it is your elected official’s job to service the community and not the other way around. Hold their feet to the [fire].

I’ve done my part not just in district 17 but in other areas of the Bronx. You elected the same people who will continue to keep us poor. Deal with the consequences!” Brown noted.

Having appreciated some Bronx Conservative Party candidate Sammy Ravelo and others who supported her campaign, Brown consoled her fellow independent Democrats that lost in the general elections by addressing them as winners who successfully entered the race without the support of the Democratic machines.

“To the Democrats who ran on the independent line you are all winners in my book. You did not bend the knee to the party and all of us worked very hard in our districts. Don’t let the Democratic Party or a politician tell you otherwise,” she said.

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  1. Robert Jackson says

    I love this message and they need more poll watchers

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