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Here you will find answers to many questions we are asked about World Inkers Network interviews. They are free to the public but we accept donations at

World Inkers Network, formerly Parrot TV’s Literary Corner, hosts interviews daily with creative minds. We look for writers of all kinds, actors, news anchors, models, spoken word performers and musicians! All creative work is embraced. We especially appreciate creatives who are engaged with the world socially and/or politically but mostly we want people with interesting stories to tell or books to promote.

Send your paragraph bio, headshot, and two sample works for writers, to and we will schedule a date with you. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule regardless of location but we cannot reschedule last minute cancellations without a good reason. We also ask that you come ten minutes early to insure all technologies work appropriately for the interview.

We do not give questions in advance. The interview is spontaneous and free, and we like to like embody the feeling of a conversational interaction. Not much preparation is required on your end unless you have videos or images to present. In that case, send them with your interview request and we will do our best to present them.

Please watch an interview before committing so you can get a feeling for how they are conducted. If you do not know English well, we can do a written interview to post to New York Parrot’s website.

Most of all, relax! This is not a difficult process and we want to make it easy for you as a creative mind to enjoy.

This interview with Amy Ferris represents the process.

Write to us with questions, commitments, and requests:

We also accept donations of any amount at

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