Differently- About Spirituality and Poetry by Rozalia Aleksandrova

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The Poet lives in the moment of creation. It’s more than a smile and a hug. He opens the heavenly gates of Truth. And he enters in Paradise of the highest vibrations to pluck the fruit. And to feed the people.

I have the seemingly difficult task of trying to explain the connection between Spirituality and Poetry in a new plane – that of the new discoveries of quantum and torsional* (information) physics.

About Spirituality.

Many people use the word “spirituality” to express that inexplicable touch on human emotion that challenges them to be better and more understanding of themselves and people. Therefore, in dictionaries, this word exists as an abstract concept – “quality of the spiritual, the presence of spiritual life, spiritual activity.” We do not stop there because it is not clear what exactly the concept itself covers, except that it is about life and activity. Let’s check what “spiritual” means – which refers to the human spirit, to the mental and emotional activity of man. Here we are much closer to the essence of the concept in its most modern interpretation. Which refers to the human spirit. Although again it is an “abstract” concept. Or not. More than 110 years ago, French scientist Louis Cartan discovered that physics had not yet described and studied the field created by “angular torque” (fr. – torsion). A scientific “trifle” that much later revealed to the world the existence of a fine physical field, which contains the plans for EVERYTHING that was, is and is possible to be. The field of the Spirit. This changes the physical picture of Genesis according to physics from four “floors” to six. And now the picture of the world has changed dramatically. In addition to the known 4 levels: solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma, scientists are also studying the properties of vacuum and primary vacuum. Physics calls them respectively: primary information field and vacuum. And according to church dogma, the 6th level – the primary information field, is called the Holy Spirit. You’ve probably heard of the “superstring” theory. It studies the constant interactions between these six levels of reality. And he is trying, so far without much success, to penetrate the seventh level – the Creator of Everything. But what is the connection with spirituality and poetry?

Man contains all levels of reality. Including the 7th. The Divine. His visible physical body and the rest of his invisible bodies interact constantly and are “informed” of every thought, word, or action that a person takes. I.e. man is a walking information field, which is a compact sum of all levels of reality. What scientists have found is that all people – humanity – are interconnected through their invisible bodies in a common information field. This was also said by Carl Jung.

Let us return to the definition of “spiritual”: which refers to the human spirit. This means that the spiritual, the immeasurable before, is in fact the connection and interaction of each person and all humanity with the Holy Spirit. Man expresses himself through his life and activity. Yes it is. But everything that is not seen and “heard” by society – its intentions, its motives and its life goals – also define it as a spiritual being. I.e. our overall pursuit of the Spirit is the determinant of our true spirituality.

The discoveries of scientists do not diminish the sacred understanding of human values, of his earthly morality. Quite the opposite – Science rises and joins these values, studying them in the name of humanity and divine providence.

What is our connection with the field of the Spirit? With the Holy of Holies?

Through the human soul. Yes, she does exist. It is already proven. As an indestructible unit of every human spirit. Until Atlantis, people have a direct connection to the 6th level of reality. After it sank, they lost it. To understand how human interaction with the primary information field takes place, we need to be aware of what it is and what are the basic laws that scientists have studied for this field. It consists of pairs of inseparable information spirals* in unimaginably low negative values, which transfer information and not energy. They have no mass. Information about each action or observed object is transmitted instantaneously throughout the Universe. As long as she has “ears” to hear her. One can process very little of this information. Around 5 %. There are no barriers to information. None. Besides the lack of senses to perceive or process it. Today, a person can perceive information to a higher degree only if his own information channels are clean. This means purity of thoughts, actions, words. In everything. Developed, ie. man’s pure information channels are today known by the public name of the “sixth sense.”

It is very important to know publicly that in the 4th-6th level of reality the Law of Attraction, of resonance, works unfailingly. The positive is attracted by the positive and the negative by the negative. In other words, with the wisdom of the Bulgarian people – whatever called, the same replied. It has been studied that Man was originally created as a positive information object. In his true nature he is part of the Holy Spirit. The human soul is a witness to this. Of course, and the numerous experiments (hundreds of thousands) conducted by scientists around the world.

Man interacts with other people and with the whole world both through his senses and through the models that society has adopted at a given time in Evolution. Evolution is a basic law of Being. These ideas and statements have been practically proven and studied by many famous and unknown scientists, physicists, mathematicians, psychologists, chemists and others. and more recently linguists. Mathematical research in this area alone is over 40,000 before the beginning of the 21st century.

We can now try to determine the Spirituality of Man.

Spirituality is a real collective information field, an invisible monolithic matrix **, in which the interactions between Man and Spirit take place in every art and every human striving for purity, goodness, integrity, compassion, beauty and harmony, caused by man and supported by the Spirit.

Poetry is one of the powerful tools of Spirituality.

Poetry is, like every object in the Universe, an information field, a unit, a matrix that encompasses every image written or received, a thought that comes to one or more poets as a fine physical field. It contains Universal Wisdom and Harmony. This is real “food” for our subtle bodies. The same that science is called to supply with other human tools. Human logic and human word. Ie Poetry can also be called the Science of the Soul, which has an instantaneous effect on the subtle bodies of man and, possibly, on his logic.

POETRY IS NOT A REFLECTION OF REALITY, BUT CORRECTOR. Through the words that come from the 6th level of reality. It is a science not only for the human soul, but also for all information objects on Earth. Landed, remains in the aura *** of the Earth. Of course, some ideas that are vital to humanity can be repeated in different versions by poets living in different geographical locations and at different times. This is because some of the poets actually connect not with the higher realms of reality, but with the invisible bodies of the Earth, and draw ideas and images already “taken down from above”. This does not belittle today the verses that contain the idea of ​​Love and the unity of humanity as the main engine of our time. On the contrary – life-saving words, feelings, ideas and images for all mankind are affirmed!

How comes poetry?

Poetry is a Word clothed in words, emotions and INFORMATION from the 6th level of reality. The mechanism of speech is connected with all the laws of reality, starting with the basic law – Evolution. But I would rather dwell, because of the need today, on the Law of Resonance. Whatever called, the same replied. You rejoice – you shout Joy. You cry – you called crying. You say bright words – you call Joy, Harmony, Beauty.  You use words with negative information – you call them, dressed in the props of visible reality. Not only for yourself, Poet, but for all of Humanity, starting with your family, your loved ones, your people. You remember that we are together. Whatever is happening affects everyone. That is why in Plovdiv we organize a poetry festival, which has accepted Joy as Poetic credo.

Poetry expresses itself through the human word **** And it acts through the language of a people, nation, group of people. No language selected. Every human language is important and created from above. Unique. The Divine String of Understanding and Sharing Life is embedded in it. Language is alive as long as those who use it follow the path of Evolution. Poetry is called to preserve life in every language given to the people. And poets help their people honor God and themselves. With the words that pull life forward. To go his own way, predestined and illuminated.


Words are living beings sent to help a person cope with communication not only with others but also with himself. These are subtle energies that shape our invisible bodies in their own image and likeness. And if we take good words as an example, they shape us with a good and bright dense aura. She protects and defends us. The conclusion, I think, is self-evident – Poetry, as a powerful instrument of human and divine spirituality, is the magic carpet of Aladdin, which points us and suggests that the miracles we seek in dream and waking are in us.


*   right-spinning and left-spinning pairs, respectively – positive and negative, the whole Universe consists of such spirals and is the densest matter known to scientists.

** matrix is a basic physical concept of an indestructible energy-information field

*** aura – energy-information field of Earth

**** the human word differs from the divine word, but it also has great creative power

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