Essence of Lost Breath by Priyanka Banerjee

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Lost breath, one tale of nostalgic love.

She Speaks up  truth defying the Dullness of  the prison house of untruth.

Her womb resists anarchy through love that subverts fake dreams !

Dreamers never scream

And they can be warriors too.

They woo 

Stolen moments that give birth to the Solemn oath of togetherness.

The journey  begins from the Decentred, vanished paradise.

Let us alter  the rotten moments for the sake of a new rise.

Break the bias !

Liars can’t betray true hearts.

Lustrous eyes of shrewd lovers play with  dead souls.

They steal God’s thoughts from the Collapsing paradise, 

That unfolds 

Tales of lost innocence.

Justice should be meted out to the vagrant and the insane,

Though big, black boots silence 

Them amidst midnight darkness.

Thoughts overpower

Macabre thoughts of lost identity.

Splits can’t be measured up by the Pure woman’s savage deity !

Nocturnal whispers triumph over sound of the last breath.

Kisses recreate a new tale out of the deadly myth

Of beastly instinct.

You touch my blue, still pool with a cunning smile;

Yet I tremble not.

Streaks of light appear; 

You fail to steal 

The categorised woman’s freezing impulse.

Purgation uplifts a pregnant woman Experiencing mysterious epiphany!

Nirvana is for one and not for many

Lost souls-

I bleed; 

yet I wait for a dramatic shift.

Do you know how nostalgia overpower me when I secretly dream Of our lost breath?

Priyanka Banerjee is a bilingual poet and an academician from Kolkata, India. She is pursuing her PH.D on American Indian literature. She has worked at various colleges and universities of Bengal. Writing poetry is her passion. Her poems got published in numerous International Anthologies like Paradise on Earth, Timeless Inspirations as well as in Various International journals like INNSAEI. Her poem also got published in various webportals like, Surjodoy Foundation, The Moment International,, Humayuns Editorial, Sahitya Sambedanam etc. She is also a performance poet and her YouTube channel Priyanka Banerjee, the Poetess is much appreciated  all over the world.

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