‘Not on my watch’: Schumer vows to push Biden, feds against NYC VA hospital closures

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to go up the chain of command to stop the Veterans Affairs Department from closing two VA hospitals in New York City, with the senior pol saying he’ll bring the issue to President Joe Biden.

Schumer announced Sunday he’s launching a “battle plan” to drum up opposition to the VA’s scheme to shutter the two medical facilities in Midtown Manhattan and southern Brooklyn.

“Our vets sacrifice so much, and so that is why, when it comes to their care, we want to invest in it, not deplete it or cut it—not on my watch,” said Schumer in a statement on March 27. “The battle plan to ensure vets across New York, from Brooklyn and beyond, get the care they fought for has been drawn.”

The VA plans to consolidate the two city outposts amid shrinking local veteran populations, the Brooklyn site being hard to reach by public transit, and their aging facilities, according to a report released by the agency earlier this month.

Local politicos and veterans have rallied against the move in Brooklyn, saying the plans would make it harder for the war heroes to get health care.

Schumer said he will launch a petition drive of people supporting the move to keep the healthcare facilities in place, and meet with the federal agency and the Commander-in-Chief.

“Amongst many other things, I am going to deliver the signatures we collect as part of this effort straight to the VA folks who penned this proposal, and I am going to be meeting with the VA, engaging the White House and more,” Schumer said.

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