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By Professor Anthony Rivieccio MBA PFA

This Spring , will mean I have been a certified financial advisor for 31 years, spending the first 10 years at various money management firms while during the last 25 years, as Owner & CEO of The Financial Advisors Group, a full service financial firm.

Over the last 16 years , I have been honored to have become indocterated into the Private & Public school systems working for wonderful institutions, from Kaplan Educational Services to Monroe & Lehman College, in The City of NY.

And now after 3 lives, I’m 62! Retirement? 

Yes & No!

In regards to Educational learning, I decided to take , I guess , the next step, internet learning & media

In regards to media, I have decided to lower my teaching class intake and developed a media arraignment with community TV partner, The NY Parrot, to create, Financial Focus University TV. A Show on Personal Finance, providing financial news and market information while learning Personal Finance, every Friday, Live at 5PM, on The NY Parrot, Facebook & YouTube media channels.

Over the last year, I have sold over 55% of my full service Firm, The Financial Advisors Group, and while still on the executive board , I am no longer Chairman & CEO. In my financial year, I have created a transition plan to create a new ” virtual personal finance firm”, called, Rivieccio Financial Advisors.

Based on current projections, my former 20 year, 3 lives, 6 day a week schedule will be condensed to 2 lives 3 -4 days a week. A working Retirement. The financial transition takes place in June of June 2022. Happy 31st & 20th year Anniversary to me , The Financial Advisors Group & a crazy 6 day work week.

Starting July of 2022 , you can now find me on social media, more specifically on Facebook, starting a Facebook Group called, Ask The Professor!. 

Our FB Group is a streaming internet channel of personal finance teaching the tenats of financial planning, from; Budgeting, Credit & Debt, Insurance, Income Tax, Educational, Investment, Retirement & Estate Planning. Our Group is ” theme” based and based on many tools and features to provide you easy access to financial advice.

The Mission is to create a community of like minded people that want to be informed and educated about Personal Finance to solve their financial problems. It is a community of people with the same interests that want to connect around the world. In the end , it is built around a common goal: Do It Yourself Financial Education & Advice!

So come join us in our new FREE Facebook page you can find ;

 *Money Mondays- Discussing Personal Financial Planning strategies 

* Financial Tips Tuesdays- Broadcasting Streaming ” How To” Tutorial videos

*Welcome Wednesdays- Announcing our New Members & Events

*Let’s Talk Thursdays- Communicating, Engaging & Feedback of your important finance topics

*Financial Focus Friday- Our World Renowned Financial Focus weekly ” How To” Articles & University TV Show

*Seminar Saturday / Sunday – Providing Knowledge & Advice through LIVE Workshop discussions


Financial Service Solutions and

 interactive LIVE Engagements with financial Administrators & experts

A hefty goal: To educate the world of digital personal finance solutions to their problems, whether it is; budgeting, taxes, insurance, saving, investing, retirement or estate and wills. 

And yes, it’s FREE! So come join us, but remember, I’m supposed to be semi retired ???

Ask The Professor

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Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA PFA, is the founder of The Financial Advisors Group, celebrating its 25th year as a full service  investment planning & management firm . Anthony is also owner of Rivieccio Financial Advisors, a virtual only financial planning & advisory firm, opened in 2021. 

Mr. Rivieccio pens a financial article called “Money Talk” along with ” Financial Focus”. Mr. Rivieccio, a recognized financial expert since 1986, has been featured by many national and local media including: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The New York Post, News 12 The Bronx, Bloomberg News Radio, BronxNet Television, the Norwood News, The West Side Manhattan Gazette, Labor Press Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine, WINS 1010 Radio, The Co-Op City News, The New York Parrot, The Bronx News, ,  The Bronx Chronicle & The Parkchester Times. 

Anthony is also currently an Adjunct Professor of Business, Finance & Accounting for both, City University of New York & Monroe College, a Private University. 

Financial Focus University TV can be seen every Friday , Live 5PM, on The NY Parrot Facebook & YouTube page channels .

 Ask The Professor is your new Personal Finance Do It Yourself community found in Facebook Groups.

For financial assistance, Anthony can be reached at (347) 575-5045. Have Facebook? My email is My personal page is

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