New York safety agents recover 2 guns from student, Mayor Adams laments proliferation


New York safety agents have recovered two guns from a 15-year-old student in Queen.

Speaking about the incident on Friday May 20, 2022, Mayor Eric Adams, referred to the incident as an example of what’s gone wrong in the city.

The mayor told reporters, “This is potentially 26 rounds of a child carrying it in his backpack, alright?”

According to him, the city saw more high-profile crimes this week: An 11-year-old girl was shot and killed in the Bronx Monday.

He defended the work of the NYPD in seizing guns, and highlighted the potential of new technology, like gun sensors currently being tested at City Hall.

Seeking parents role in ensuring safety in the City, Adams noted, “I’m asking today for every parent in this city to sit down with their child and talk about gun violence.”

“This is why I’m calling for new technology to detect guns.”

He added, “In my professional career,” he said, “I have never witnessed crime at this level.”

Crime is on the rise, but nowhere near the highs of the 1990s, when Adams was an NYPD officer. He later seemed to walk back the comment.

“I have never seen anything like this – the over availabilities of guns, the easy use of guns and the comfort that people have in carrying guns,” he told reporters.

“I didn’t say crime is higher than it’s ever been, insisting he was instead referring to the proliferation of guns.

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