Visiting Indian woman robbed in Queens


A woman visiting from India was reportedly robbed in Queens. She said she was grabbed off the street, taken into a van, and robbed while she was on her way home from temple in Richmond Hill.

“The guy on the front said, ‘If you speak, we’re going to kill you,’” said the woman, who would only be identified as Mrs. Kaur because she’s frightened.

She lives in India and is visiting Queens to see her husband, who lives in Richmond Hill.

She said the attack in which three people threw her into a van happened last Thursday.

The trio allegedly stole items from her wedding, including $7,000 worth of jewelry.

“I saw the gun so then I was more scared,” said Kaur, through a translator.

She said the crime lasted maybe minutes, but has now scarred her for far longer.

“I don’t want to go out because I feel like they are going to kill me if I go out,” she said.

Kaur claimed she did not report the crime to police at first because she was so afraid.

Community leaders said since she doesn’t speak English, she was nervous to come forward. They said it’s a problem they see unfortunately far too often.

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