NYPD: Burglar stabs man to death in Queens


The New York Police Department (NYPD) has commenced investigation of a murder in Queens when a balcony-climbing burglar stabbed a man to death.

According to police, early Sunday morning, 35-year-old Yang Zhang climbed the balcony of a home on 57th Road breaking into an apartment on the third floor.

Authorities say he repeatedly stabbed 41-year-old Yat Wong, thereby killing him.

Reports have it that Wong’s wife was inside the apartment at the time but ran out when Zhang broke in. Neighbors said they heard what sounded like screams from inside the home.

When police arrived around 2 a.m., they allegedly found Zhang and shocked him with a taser in order to subdue him.

Wong was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say it is unclear if the two men knew each other.

Zhang is being charged with second-degree murder, burglary, and criminal possession of a weapon.

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