NYC Council signs off on 24/7 speed enforcement cameras


City Council members has approved a “home rule request” Thursday, giving the state Legislature the go-ahead to pass a three-year extension and expansion of New York City’s speed camera program that allows them to operate 24/7.

“Cameras will be 24/7 the whole year,” City Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez proclaimed at a rally with supporters of the bill ahead of the vote, which was 43 in favor and seven against.

City stats show a reduction in speeding and crashes at locations where DOT has installed the cameras, but state law requires them to shut off between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

State lawmakers last week reached a deal to renew the camera program, which expires at the end of June, and to allow camera tickets to be issued around-the-clock.

Rodriguez and Mayor Eric Adams pushed for even more cameras and to end the state’s legal authority over the program, but failed to win support in Albany.

City officials argue that the cameras are not a cash-cow because more than 80 percent of drivers who get caught do not commit a second violation.

Thursday’s council vote was 43 in the affirmative and seven against. Republicans Joann Ariola, Joe Borelli, David Carr, Vickie Paladino and Inna Vernikov all voted no, as did and Darlene Mealy and Kalman Yeger (D-Brooklyn).

“Speed cameras haven’t brought us closer to vision zero, and they are little more than revenue generators,” Borelli told the Post. “DOT pumps them out like gangbusters but balks if you ask for a speed bump.”

State Legislators plans to pass the official camera bill before their session ends on June 2.

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