School safety agents find ghost gun outside Brooklyn school


School safety agents have found a ghost gun and ammunition in a bag in bushes near a Brooklyn public school Thursday morning.

Police sources confirmed this was after a young woman called in a tip that her boyfriend was bringing a gun to class.

Sources said the 18-year-old student has two boyfriends, and she warned school officials that one of them said he’d be bringing a gun to school in his book bag.

School safety agents were on alert, and stopped both boyfriends. The first one to enter apparently didn’t have a gun, and the second wasn’t carrying a book bag, sources said, so the school safety agents did a perimeter search.

They found the bag at about 11 a.m. on Putnam Ave. near Marcy Ave. — across the street from the Bedford-Stuyvesant school campus, which houses several schools and has metal detectors.

The weapon was found in a plastic bag, inside of which was a nylon case holding a 9-mm ghost gun, police sources said.

“There was a community conversation around the possibility that this item may be outside. Our School Safety Agents stepped outside, walked the perimeter, and they found this item, taking it off our streets,” said Mark Rampersant, the executive director of the Department of Education’s Office of Safety and Youth Development.

Police described the gun as “unloaded,” but school officials found a seven-round magazine in the bag as well.

Neither of the boyfriends were immediately charged.

“The Department of Education is wholly committed to making sure our students, schools and communities are safe from gun violence,” department spokeswoman Jenna Lyle said, calling the discovery “proof that when we come together as a community, we can make sure that dangerous weapons do not enter our schools.”

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