Council supports round-the-clock speed cameras in NYC


Council has expressed support for round-the-clock speed cameras in New York City.

Although, drivers speed at all hours of the day, speed cameras cannot catch them overnight and on weekends. However, that may change.

On Thursday, City Council members passed a resolution in support of a state bill to keep these speed cameras on, issuing tickets, 24/7.

Currently, the speed cameras are placed in school zones and issue $50 tickets to drivers going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

“School-zone speed cameras have been proven to reduce dangerous speeding on our streets that can too often have deadly consequences,” Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said.

The resolution was necessary for state lawmakers to expand speed cameras hours of operation and extend the program to July 2025.

This year through April, 69 people died in traffic accidents.

And the street carnage continued Thursday a driver of an SUV fatally struck a 1-year-old baby.

“There’s not a way of how we can justify that drivers are speeding more than 25 miles per hour so this is about adding a new tool that we are able to bring to the city of New York,” said Ydanis Rodriguez, the city transportation commissioner.

“It’s a big victory.”

Just over a third of non-highway traffic fatalities in 20-20 happened in school zones that had speed cameras that could not issue tickets overnight and on weekends, according to the city.

Albany lawmakers are in session for only three more days, until June 2, to pass the speed camera bill.

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