New York lawmakers vow to support veterans on Memorial Day


City and state lawmakers, including Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul has visited the Intrepid Museum to honor veterans and fallen members of the U.S. Armed Forces on Memorial Day.

Shortly before laying four memorial wreaths on the Hudson River from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Adams spoke at the event and encouraged all New Yorkers to study the lyrics to the national anthem to understand American resiliency.

He said Americans often neglect to pay attention to the lyrics, which he said shows that no matter what, “we will survive,” and the Americans dream will thrive.

“I’ve told the visitors to Gracie Mansion during Fleet Week, ‘I want to leave with you something special about this country, it’s the only country on the globe which ‘dream’ is attached to our name,’” he said. “We protect that dream with the men and women who defend this soil.”

He said while the military helps to protect American freedoms and uphold safety in the U.S., it is up to Americans to support them.

Hochul echoed his sentiments, saying she wants to ensure that all veterans are always welcomed home with respect and dignity.

She went on to pledge that all veterans will have the support they need when returning home, after noting that she has sat with soldiers who have told her their fears of coming back to nothing.

“Their biggest fear was coming back to New York and not having a job and ending up homeless like too many did during [the Vietnam War]. My friends, we will always embrace those who served and those who have special needs and then come back especially those with PTSD… We are here to help you heal.

We’re here to help you get those jobs. We’re here to help with education,” she said. “It’s our responsibility as Americans and New Yorkers and that is our commitment on this Memorial Day.”

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