Dancing Classrooms set to return to NYC schools


The nonprofit Dancing Classrooms are about to make a return to New York City schools. The nonprofit offers lessons at schools across New York City.

For two years, the COVID pandemic meant that the nonprofit Dancing Classrooms had to figure out how to teach students how to waltz, swing, and rumba without touching their partners or even coming within three feet of one another.

The nonprofit has decided it was time for students to once again take each other by the hand about a month after the mandate to wear masks in schools ended in March. This mandate also marks the end of social distancing requirements.

About 150 campuses that Dancing Classrooms works with have decided to keep social distancing in place.

Felix Pitre, the Dancing Classrooms instructor working with P.S. 48 students said: “Being separated is sort of the antithesis of being human. I think that contact, whatever kind of contact — physical, making connections with people — is part of human nature.”

“So I think it’s been unnatural for a lot of kids, and they can’t wait to get back to doing things the way they’re used to.”

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