NYC mayor forced to lower class sizes


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been forced to lower the class sizes in the city. This was following the announcing confirming his control over New York City schools for two more years.

The deal included a bill requiring New York City to lower class sizes between 20 to 25 students, depending on the grade.

Sen. John Liu, a Queens Democrat who helped craft the agreements, described the compromise over mayoral control as one where “everybody is unhappy.” The compromise has been regularly extended over the past two decades.

Sen. Liu said the bill allows for more parental involvement in the city’s school system, which was a priority for many state lawmakers and advocates as they spent the past several months considering changes.

“Parents have felt less and less and less engaged,” Liu said.

The measure to lower class sizes was markedly more popular among lawmakers and celebrated by many advocates, families and the teachers union, who have long pushed the city on the matter.

City officials have warned that the bill will result in a costly mandate and cause funding cuts in other areas.

The bills went against the wishes of the Adams administration, signaling that he has so far failed to curry enough favor in Albany.

The bills now await Gov. Kathy Hochul’s signature.

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