Hochul says security must improve on New York subways


Gov. Kathy Hochul has insisted Thursday she is “laser focused” on improving security on the New York City subway system as voters continue to identify public safety and crime as top concerns.

Hochul, speaking at an event promoting the state’s effort to revamp Penn Station, touted her administration’s efforts with New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

“They also have to feel safer,” Hochul said after calling for more investments to improve transit service. “I understand that to my core that people need that sense of security when people make that decision to get on the subway.”

Public safety is emerging as a key concern for voters. It been released this week found 76% of voters are either concerned or very concerned they will be victims of a crime.

There have been high-profile incidents in the subway system in recent weeks, and state and New York City officials have sought to bolster safety by adding more law enforcement to stations.

Hochul pointed to federal spending to boost service overall, but added the safety concerns need to be addressed. Officials and business leaders have called for stronger secuity measures in order to encourage more people to return to their offices in the city.

“We are laser focused on that,” Hochul said.

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