Northwest Bronx Democrats: Nathalia Fernandez is fighting inflation?

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By Anthony Rivieccio, Founder 

By the time you read this we would have had a historic year in Politics. 

2 Elections, 4 Redistricting proposals. Illegal ballot signatures, authorized by The Courts. 

So now we have a 34th State Senate District race- but the race is no longer on the West Side of The Bronx

Redistricting, on the West Side, which started very heavily in the 1980s , has finally turned Bedford Park & Norwood, into 2 foreign places regarding the 34th SD. In the 1980s, at its peak it represented 40%.

It is no longer the same. It is no longer the old East Side Jeff Klein District, either. Enter Candidate & Assemblywoman Nathalia Fernandez.

She wants to follow in the footsteps of her old friend, Jeff. But are her morals & values the same? Does it matter, with the district now being so different ( enter Parkchester , Soundview , Castle Hill )?. has she done anything in the Assembly that would warrant her election as Senator, besides running in her failed attempt to run for Bronx Borough President ( coming in 3rd)? Recent reports around town is that she has ” token Bronx County” support , as the new East Side office is filled with the Senate candidate , running for the West Side, in the 33rd, Ms Castillo, instead of Ms Fernandez. 

Assemblywoman Fernandez, winning unopposed in June, despite having a Senate Race, updated The Assembly mail office in July,  ( and your tax dollars) by mailing to constitutes, her recent successes.

Candidate Christian Amato , says ” advocating for legislation us nice, but I would not call that work”. 

So this founder decided to probe a bit more: Hey Christian, is Ms Fernandez right about GUN CONTROL:

CHRISTIAN:” The district has changed to include places like Soundview & Castle Hill. One thing I think the district needs, and at Castle Hill it would be perfect, is a Gun Violence education center , very much modeled like the City SNUG program. Education will help to solve this problem, not rallies”.

Hey Christian, do you believe, Ms Fernandez is fighting inflation, as she claims?.

CHRISTIAN:” First, inflation is a Federal problem, not a State one. There are things you can do to help on the State end, via tax breaks and tax abatements. Government spending, which her information shows, only makes inflation, higher”. 

It looks like the NEW 34th SD sounds like a lot of fun this election cycle

Front & Back image of 3 postcards mailed from Assemblymailbox in July


Anthony Rivieccio has been founder of The Northwest Bronx Democrats , a community & political organization since 2009. Their target areas are: Fordham, Kingsbridge , Kingsbridge Heights , Bedford Park,  Norwood , Allerton. The current President is Sheila Sanchez .

You can find our Facebook Group page by just going to Facebook search and typing in: “Northwest Bronx Democrats”. We feature daily: NYC & Bronx community & political news, activities & events. Our close to 2000 members include several distinguished : activists, NYC agency staff directors,  elected and party officals-, including Councilpeople, State Assembly, State Senate & Congressional representatives, and numerous people of interest.

Northwest Bronx Democrats is featured weekly on local political media & on the political streaming TV show, Bronx Politics & Beyond, on every Friday at The New York Parrot Facebook & you tube channel sites as it’s co- host .

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