Cholera outbreak in decades kills 750 people in Malawi

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The worst cholera outbreak to affect Malawi in two decades has now claimed 750 lives, a government minister said, while the World Health Organization chief described the southeast African country as among the hardest-hit amid ongoing global epidemics that are “more widespread and deadly than normal.”

According to Malawi’s Health Minister, cases continue to rise across the country despite some encouraging signs in some areas.

“We continue to record rising number of cases across the country, despite signs of reduced transmission and deaths in a few areas. We would like to commend those that are availing themselves for treatment”, said Malawi Health Minister, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda .

The cholera outbreak was declared in March last year. So far, the authorities recorded almost 23,000 cases.

“We received 2.9 million dosages of the cholera vaccine, but as we speak, we have about 40 thousand left. It means Malawians availed themselves for the vaccine. What is worrying however is that those that received the vaccine are not the ones at high risk. Those that are in high risk are proving difficult to convince to take the vaccine”, added the Minister.

According to Africa CDC , the continent’s largest public health body, 14 African countries are reporting cholera cases, many of which are due to flooding across the continent.

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