2 people injured in Brooklyn fire

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A fire in Bushwick, Brooklyn left one person in critical condition and another with minor injuries.

An overnight fire may in Brooklyn may have been caused by a lithium-ion battery. It left two people injured.

The fire broke out on Goodwin Place in Bushwick just after 1:30 a.m.

A 3-story attached home was filled with flames. The fire moved through all the floors, according to the FDNY.

138 firefighters were at the scene.

Two people who were in the building were injured. One was rushed to Wyckoff Hospital in critical condition.

The other was also taken to Wyckoff with what were described as minor injuries.

Lithium battery fire
Fire Marshals were investigating whether a battery may have caught fire.

Why fires caused by batteries are a big concern in NYC

There have been several recent fires across New York City that are being blamed on lithium-ion batteries.

City officials are considering new laws after the New York City Fire Department counted nearly 200 fires and six fire deaths this year tied to problems with lithium-ion batteries. They are used in electric bikes and scooters that have filled the streets of the city in the past few years.

Over the years, problems have periodically triggered fires involving laptops, phones, hoverboards, electric vehicles, airplanes, and battery-power storage installations.

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