Saudi, Iran reach agreement to end bilateral rivalry, re-establish ties

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Iran and Saudi have agreed to put an end to their seemingly endless rivalry and re-establish ties.

According to a report, the cause of this seemingly endless unnecessary rivalry between these Islamic countries was the execution of a Shia Muslim scholar by Saudi Arabia.

In a meeting held on Friday March 10, 2023, in Chinese capital, Beijing, both countries agreed to re-open their embassies within two months.

“After implementing of the decision ,the foreign ministers of both nations will meet to prepare for exchange of ambassadors” said the Iranian state television.

It is interesting to know that the Saudi Press Agency has confirmed the agreement through publication of the joint statement between them and Iran.

“Iran and Saudi Arabia have resumed diplomatic relations but referred further details to the Saudis,” White House National Security Council spokesperson said.

“With this deal, it is possible that we might start to see compromises in these countries.

“This deal can lead to the creation of a better Security situation in the region. They have a lot of leverage in these countries,” said Hashem.

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