Parkchester community leader laments critical conditions, seeks legal intervention 

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Parkchester community leader, Peter Raymond, has lamented critical conditions in his neighborhood.

While calling other residents to rise up to the occasion, the resident expressed his displeasure via a Facebook group on Sunday March 19, 2023.

“I’m asking that everyone tomorrow or Tuesday please call these two organizations and ask them to help us,” he wrote.

Raymond urged other residents to “keep filing the 311 complaints.”

He stated, “Many residents who attended the meeting asked about securing an attorney and we agree.

“We ask that residents ask friends, family, and colleagues if they know of any lawyer who would be willing to take our case pro-Bono (free).

Raymond asked the residents to call +1 (718) 991-4758,  718 928 3700 or reach out to PWG at to seek legal aid.

According to Raymond, the issue include leaks, mold, elevator outages, lack of heat, and hot water.

He implored other other residents to “please focus on the issues affecting you personally.”

“Please also reach out to management and the board via email and let them know how you feel about heat and other issues you are having,” he concluded.

CEO for North and South: Ricky pizzaro

For the North

Michael Torres, general manager north condo

Ari Antar: Property manager

North Board President

Isaac Diaz director of operations


The Board  Please note this email is monitored by management

For the south.

South condo general manager

Erika Morgan board assistant

South condo director of operations

South condo Board President

Peter Raymond is one of the leaders of Parkchester Watch Group, a community organization known for protecting and fighting for the rights of all Parkchester residents.

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