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You should know that some time ago my wife Leslie gave me a book entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

This is a children’s book about an Emperor who schedules a royal procession. He hires high end tailors that will dress him for this special event. They are to make him a custom made, one of a kind suite of clothes made exclusively for royalty. He wants to make his grand entrance showing off his new outfit and parade himself before his loyal subjects.

On the day of the great reveal the Emperor sets out to donning his New Top of The Line Suit of Clothes. He paraded himself before all his loyal subjects during his long awaited Royal Procession. From fear of losing their lives, as the Emperor passed, they all cheered and applauded exclaiming, how awesome the Emperor looked in his new clothes. The crowd’s cheering and applause continued, until he passed by a child. The child exclaimed in a loud voice, “Look The Emperor Has No Clothes!” It became obvious to the embarrassed Emperor that he had been deceived by his high-end tailors, and the truth was that he indeed had no clothes and was naked for all to see. Then all his loyal subjects chimed in and admitted that the Emperor was indeed naked.

This past week we have seen how today’s “Political Emperors”, have come out to publicly denounce former President Donald Trump, for his comments regarding the alleged “criminal charges” being brought against him by Manhattan County Prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

Donald Trump has expressed his frustration and as a result has made comments that could be inflammatory and that could lead to violence. I agree with this premise! But the reason for the topic of my column today is to remind us of comments and expressions made by those very same “Political Emperors” of New York City who are now condemning Donald Trump for his comments when he calls for protests.

The City’s “Political Emperors” have stated that Trump’s comments ” could result in vandalism, death, and mayhem.” They say that Donald Trump will be held accountable in the event his statements lead to violence.

You should know, my dear reader, that this selective outrage now coming from these “Political Emperors” is nothing more than Hypocrisy, and morally bankrupt. A short time ago in 2020, it was they who stood by, not condemning, the violent protests of “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” mobs. In fact, they called for it, promoted violence, and vandalism. The result was much destruction of private property, serious injuries, and the loss of innocent lives.

Police officers were attacked, seriously injured, and assassinated. Small businesses were looted and set on fire. Taxi drivers, small businesses and industries all suffered losses. We saw news reports of attacks on innocent people, violence, destruction, murders, and many other needless events took place, and there was no condemnation, or outrage from the “Political Emperors.” These same “Political Emperors”, today walk the streets holding press conferences to condemn the expressions of Donald Trump, while approving laws that enable criminals to wreak havoc in our cities and victimize the most vulnerable among us.

All this behavior and theatrics coming from these hypocritical, morally bankrupt politicians takes me back to that book that my wife Leslie gave me ” The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

It is important for you to know that if Trump’s statements in the future bring about violence and death, as they claim, well their statements, and actions have already caused the chaos, violence, death, and loss of property they speak of. It is their hands that have blood on them, for all their destructive political rhetoric that has been so evident in the past.

In thinking about the Emperor’s New Clothes, I put myself in the same place of the child who boldly exclaimed “Look the Emperor has no clothes”. Well, I too exclaim “Look these Political Emperors Have No Clothes” because they don’t have a moral or righteous leg to stand on to condemn Donald J. Trump for his statements.

For this and many other reasons I titled this column “The Political Emperors have No Clothes.” And that my dear friend is the great reveal.

I am Rev. Ruben Diaz and This Is What You Should Know

By: Rev. Ruben DiazBronx, New York

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