Three Short Films based on Tanvir Ratul’s stories screened at the Bangladesh Film Centre

"These stories are political, social, religious, national..."

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Three one-minute films, “No Filter,” “Filter,” and “Alter,” have screened in the auditorium of the Short Film Forum at Dhaka’s Aziz Super Market yesterday, April 30, at 7 p.m. Based on Tanvir Ratul’s short stories, the films are directed by Anarya Murshid.

Director Anarya Murshid said, “Many are now making good movies on mobile phones and they are also bringing the good reputation of Bangladesh in the international arena. Through this exhibition, we hope that the audience will also be encouraged to make short films on mobile phones.” These films are produced by Motion Bangla and produced by Antivirus. The cinematographers are Anarya Murshid, Jibon Ananda Riyad, Nahid Afrad and the editor is Laila Ferdouse. Apart from the visitors from the cultural arena, the exhibition was also attended by visitors from other professions. Expressing the opinion of the audience at the end of the exhibition, performer Kachi Khandkar said, “We have almost forgotten about these kinds of exhibitions. All of us can talk to each other by coming together, discussing and criticizing, it is also very necessary.” Actor Tarek Mahmud said, “The stories are political, social, religious, national as much as I feel they are not sexual.”

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