New York Muslim Worker Celebrates First Anniversary at Mayor Adams’ Office

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Mohamed Bahe, a Muslim worker in New York, recently celebrated his first year anniversary at the Mayor’s Office under the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams. Bahe expressed his gratitude through a post on his Facebook page on May 8, 2023.

Bahe serves as the Senior Muslim Liaison, working alongside Ahsan Chughtai, the Senior Muslim Advisor. He expressed his excitement and commitment to continue serving the Muslim community of NYC through their roles in the Mayor’s Office.

“We did a lot in the past 12 months for the Muslim community of NYC. I look forward to the next 36 months,” Bahe said.

In the past year, the Mayor’s Office in New York City achieved significant milestones in its efforts to serve the Muslim community. These accomplishments include hosting the first Eid Celebration at Gracie Mansion, the first Jummah services in City Hall, the first Muslim Women Leaders’ Summit, the first Muslim Domestic Roundtable, and the first Mayor to attend a Masjid Grand Opening and Janazah. The Mayor also funded Halal food in public schools, led the first Ramadan 5 borough tour, and celebrated the first Bangladeshi Heritage and Arab Heritage months. The office also organized the first Masjid Discretionary Funding workshop, the first Islamic School Roundtable with the Department of Education, and the first Imam Clergy Parking Permit Workshop.

While commending the administration of Mayor Adams, Bahe stated that “The Mayor has visited more Masjids in his first year than any other Mayor in History. The Mayor attended more Iftars in Ramadan in his first year than any other Mayor in History. [He] hired the most Muslims in senior positions than any other Mayor in History.”

Bahe’s first-year anniversary celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the vital role of representation in serving the needs of various communities. He concluded his post by expressing his dedication to the work and his hope to remain humble, sincere, and consistent in his efforts.

As a Muslim worker in the Mayor’s Office, Bahe’s first-year anniversary celebration and the accomplishments of the Mayor’s Office in the past year highlight the city’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and in the community.

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