“Eric Adams: Stay focus and we’ll always be the winner!” — Ambassador Sima

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Almost 3 years ago, I was first introduced to Eric Adams at an event I was invited to attend in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I was an ordinary lady, who was already somewhat testing the waters in community work and public policy.

Back then, I, nurse by medical and educational background (MSN), was involved as a volunteer at a few political campaigns, and as an adviser at a local kids cultural center. I then started looking into local politics in Brooklyn and attended various Brooklyn Borough Hall events.

I took the initiative to make an appointment to see the Brooklyn Borough President. The appointment was approved and I was scheduled for a phone call with Eric Adams. The call was for me to introduce myself and get to know how I can find my spot under the sun in public policy and community work, which I was becoming more and more interested in. The BP spent 40 minutes with me on this call, giving me most valuable information on the basics of politics and community affairs. I then began to volunteer for and take part in many activities with Eric Adams. In November of 2019, BP approved my desire to organize the First Annual American Jewish Coalition Celebration at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Then, when COVID hit us hard, and I was remotely and physically working with many professionals in the medical science field, I was commended by the Borough Hall as the President of the Public Health Advisory of the Borough of Brooklyn.

Besides strategizing the most complex solutions against COVID, I was also distributing masks and food with Eric Adams and my other great friend Anthony Beckford in the most underserved areas despite the statistics regarding the pandemic in these areas. I was then designated to be awarded the title of Brooklyn’s COVID Hero twice for the active assistance in PPE distribution and for great contributions into the public health system of NYC. I also became officially WHO certified as a member of their medical expert committee.

Soon after, I started gaining recognition and connections in public health, political advisement and multicultural affairs. I was becoming inducted into various national and international organizations and panels.

All that time, Eric Adams was my mentor and he told me what he tells me to this day: “Sima, you must stay focused and you will always be the winner. No distractions ever, Sima.”

Right now, I am a Medical Expert at WHO, public health and multicultural peace expert at many national and international panels, recipient of the Golden Shield of Peace Award by a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Very importantly, I am the ONLY Russian speaking UN Global Peace Ambassador in the US and the FIRST one who ever represented New York City in the history of the Global Peace Chain. I get requested by various media outlets for interviews, as well as for collaboration globally. I am now considered an influencer in medicine/public health, multicultural initiatives, community leadership and political advisement for many. That is all because Eric was the one who always made sure I follow my potentials and passion WITH FOCUS and CONCENTRATION to detail!

He was also the one who taught me to utilize my abilities to work for mutual good of myself and others that now follow me. I am incredibly happy for all that.

One other major exciting piece of news I will share later…

My dear friends: Eric Adams, the next Mayor of NYC, whom I am honored and proud to now call GREAT FRIEND ERIC, was able to transform my life with his drive for positivity by projecting it on to me because he saw my potentials and my passion in working for the benefit of humanity. He did not create miracles in my life, he just made me fully put all my aspirations to work.

This in itself is a miracle a truly powerful and positively influential person like Eric can create. I am the living example of how Eric will not just restore NYC, but create a jewel out of it, and as I always say, he will make NYC regain its title of the World’s Capital. I can only thank Eric for all he’s done for me and thousands of others by supporting him in all he does for as long as my heart beats. G-c bless you dear Eric and may you live long.

I am sure my story, which is a reality, inspired many. So I am asking you all to RANK ERIC AS YOUR #1 CHOICE

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