Ethiopian people deserve peace, not war — Senator Bob Menendez

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The United States Senator Bob Menendez, has expressed his sympathy for the Ethiopian people.

While expressing this on Wednesday November 18, 2020, Menendez stated that the Ethiopiam people deserve to live in peace.

“Ethiopian people need peace, not war,” Menendez, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said.

He added that the world needs a stable, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia.

“I urge the Federal government and the leaders of Tigray region to choose the path of peace.

“While it is tempting to assign blame for the outbreak of hostilities, our collective focus must be on how to restore order. Make no mistake, a full accounting must take place,” he said.

He stated that both sides must agree to an immediate ceasefire, and begin a sustained dialogue to settle political differences.

“I also call on Prime Minister Abiy to take a series of actions to facilitate a successful democratic transition.

“First, barring immediate and incontrovertible evidence of serious crimes,” Menendez stated.

He suggested that all members of the political opposition should be released.

“Their continued detention is unacceptable, and I am troubled by reports that their judicial proceedings are being politicized.

“Second, media and digital rights must be respected. Arresting journalists and imposing internet blackouts harkens back to the dark days of the previous regime.

“Mr. Prime Minister, such practices must end. You and your colleagues have taken bold action to chart a new course for the country, and I urge you to continue along the difficult path of reform,” he said.

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