Financial Focus: Bronx COVID math

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By Professor Anthony Rivieccio

When the summer came, and coronavirus was, we thought, under control, we felt, it was led to believe that a positivity of 1% was a safe number.

As of this writing, our rate is 2.4-2.8%, and our schools have now been shutdown

Even some, in President-elect Bidens new coronavirus team is suggesting a “mini 4 week lockdown” to take the virus down.

So what’s happening in my hometown, The Bronx!

Based on recent NYC Zip code tracking, we can see many scary things.

Firstly, on Saturday November 14th, The Bronx had 58,340 cases with a positivity rate of 4.4%

On the Northwest side:

Riverdale 1.6%

Norwood 3.1%

Kingsbridge 4.3%

Fordham 4.5%

Belmont 5.0%

Morris Heights 5.3%

On the Northeast:

Country club 3.0 %

Co Op City 3.4%

Van nest 4.9%

Morris park 3.8%

Allerton 3.1%

Wakefield 2.7%

Woodlawn 0.7%

In the Southeast

Baychester 6.4%

Soundview 4.2%

In the Southwest

Clairmont 4.2%

Charlotte Gardens 3.1%

Highbridge 5.4%

Hunts point 3.2%

Melrose 3.3%

So the Northwest is hovering on avg, at 4%, while the Northeast is at 3.2%

The Southeast is at 5.3% while the Southwest is at 4.3%

And while one could say the Southwest is a problem being over the Bronx average, there are some troubling ” hotspots”, with Fordham, Belmont & Morris Heights being Northwest hotspots, Van Nest in the Northeast, and Highbridge in the Southwest

I have a feeling COVID -19 is going to turn into COVID -21.

Professor Anthony Rivieccio, MBA PFA, is the founder and CEO of The Financial Advisors Group, celebrating its 24th year as a fee-only financial planning firm specializing in solving one’s financial problems.

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