My plan is to become an education borough president – Fernando Cabrera

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The Bronx borough presidential candidate, Fernando Cabrera, has declared that one of his plans is to become an education Borough president.

The council man stated this during a weekly interview series with Sainabou Baldeh on New York Parrot TV on Friday April 9, 2021.

While responding to a question from the host on his education goals for the Bronx, Cabera stated that the education of the Bronx is something that is very dear to him.

He said that as a former school counselor, he understands the challenges with the schools in the Bronx. He stressed that he would love to work with school principals and administrators.

“Because I work in a school. I want to become the educational borough president. I want to be able to work with our schools, with our principals, with our parents and with the administrators to get to those goals,” he said.

He added, “Having worked as a school counselor, I know firsthand what’s going on inside of public schools. Look, I believe that many of our infrastructure and schools that need to be prepared.

“We have got to give the tools to the children and to the young people. So they could feel prepared to go to college. It’s the self-efficacy problem. A lot of them don’t believe that they could make it.”

Cabera said his second plan in the education sector is to privide free education “for every single one of our students”.

“The other thing I want to do with schools and that I’m doing already is to be able to provide a funding and to get private funders, to take, to educate and prepare our kids, to take the exam for the specialized schools, especially Black and Brown kids,” he said.

“What we really don’t have is a good articulation between our high schools, with our colleges to create a pipeline for the students to be able to get in. And we must not forget having vocational and technical schools for kids who may not want to get into the trades,” he concluded.

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