Nigerian Community in New York endorses Eric Adams for Mayor

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Nigerian individuals and organizations in New York, under the leadership of Gbenga Omotayo, the Chairman of the New York chapter of the Nigerian American Public Affairs Committee (NAPAC), have unanimously endorsed Eric Adams for New York City Mayor. 

In his reaction to the endorsement, Eric Adams appreciated all members of the Nigerian-American Community in New York City for believing in his vision – as a mayoral candidate with the primary focus on safety for all New Yorkers and fair economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“New York City is filled with all ethnicity and religious groups. So it doesn’t matter what language you speak and the community you belong to; New York is the same. We want a safe fair city.

“So NAPAC’s endorsement of my moyoral candidacy today means a lot to me because you’re adding your voice to the beautiful mosaic of New Yorkers of different ethnicity, different religions, and different backgrounds.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams further promised to be a mayor, post-covid era, for speedy and balanced economic recovery for every resident of the New York City.  

“We are saying, as one city, we’re going to come together and deal with the issues we need as we cycle out of Covid. But when we cycle out, we won’t cycle out the way we went in. Some were able to prosper and others were not. This is not the city we want. And as we move across this entire city today, with all the different immigrants in every community, that have embraced this campaign, they see what you see. They see that finally the mayor of the city of NY will not leave any family behind. We’re going to move forward together.”

He therefore encourage all Nigerians present at the occasion to support him with active involvement in the campaign for Eric Adams for NY Mayor within the remaining 18 days to the Democratic primary elections, which will determine the next mayor of the City.

“This endorsement, with all of the religious and cultural leaders in NAPAC, means a lot to all of us. In the next 18 days, to go, my brothers and sisters from Nigeria, it’s imperative you go on social media, speak with congregates at churches, and speak with your organizations.

“So I need you to live up to your name as strong Nigeria. We can do this together. Let’s win this race. Let’s make New York a great place to live!” Adams concluded.

Other candidates endorsed by NAPAC at the occasion are George Onuorah and Chris Durosinmi who are running to become New York City Council members in their various districts.

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