NYP, Parrot TV, Parkchester Times, ADC back candidacy of Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor for Civil Court Judge

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The leadership of New York Parrot, Parkchester Times, Parrot TV and African Democratic Club have collectively endorsed the candidacy of Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor for Civil Court Judge , according to the press release collectively signed on Monday, May 10, 2021, by the heads of the endorsing organizations.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Editor of the three media oulets, Mutiu Olawuyi, made this announcement in consultation with members of the top management team, after thorough assessment of Gonzalez-Taylor’s past professional and personal track records.

“A true professional civil court judge carries everyone alone. They don’t allow their socio-cultural, political, religious or economic affiliations to rule their professional operations. And Gonzalez-Taylor has proven to us to be a perfect example of a true judge. Hence, the management of Parrot TV, NYP and Parkchester Times is pleased to endorse her as a candidate for Civil Court Judge,” Olawuyi said.

In the press release, Sheikh Musa Drammeh and Gbenga Subair of ADC noted that the endorsement came up as a result of the collective observation made by the club and the media outlet regarding the attorney’s genuineness in campaign and here keen interest in connecting with all residents of the Bronx county, regardless of their race, socio-economic and political strengths, or religious beliefs.

“Mrs. Yadhira Gonzalez-Taylor has been the only candidate who takes the African vote seriously. She has invested enormous time and energy educating us about issues of importance. She has committed to continuing to guide our community legally. She has demonstrated her commitment to us more than any other candidates seeking the same position. I have no doubt she is the right candidate our community and we should rally behind her. Her acknowledgement of ‘the least of thee’ speaks to our spirit.” Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Co-founder of African Democratic Club.

“African Democratic Club endorses Attorney Yadhira Gonzalex-Taylor for Civil Court Judge, (1) because of her good professional track records and (2) because she seconds Dr. Fernando Cabrera in her ‘across board’ campaign style, which gives her the opportunity to get closer to the politically neglected African community,” Gbenga Subair, Chairman of African Democratic Club, added.

“We, at ADC, have unanimously made a verdict; we have decided to endorse Attorney Yadhira González-Taylor for Civil Judge in the county of the Bronx New York . As you know Civil Court Judges preside over civil cases such as name changes and small claims; they also preside over housing cases and deal with family law. We need a person that has the experience in this very critical position and Attorney Yadhira González -Taylor is our choice.

“She has presided over fifteen hundred cases that dealt with families and students, and has arbitrated over 50 cases in small claims court. Moreover, she has been very visible and has been fighting hard for every vote in our communities. We believe she will be a great judge; a judge that will be fair. She will be able to unbiasedly look after the best interest of our children from the bench. Come June 22 nd , we will ensure Yadhira González- Taylor in voted in as a Civil court Judge in the Bronx,” also remarked Mory Kouyate, a key stakeholder in ADC and long time community leader and activist.

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