NYPC launches first boro-based New York Civics Agenda in Bronx

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The New York Political Coalition, popularly called NYPC, has launched its first borough-based New York Civics Agenda in the Bronx.

This event took place on September 1, 2021 at 149th Street and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx.

In her opening remarks, Eunice Ukwani, the President of the organization, said, “We decided to launch our first Civic Agenda in the Bronx because South Bronx is one of part of New York City where low voter turnout continues to draw the attention of  civic-minded leaders”

“Even the threat of hurricane IDA looming and weather advisory asking folks to stay home because serious concern of major flooding, gusty winds and thunderstorm, the urgency of launching this first of 5-borough wide campaign to combat voter apathy was not going to wait,” she added.

“Democracy, however, works best when citizens proudly take part in their civic affairs as patriots. Political Apathy that leads to chronic low voter turnout, particularly in communities suffering from inadequate constituent services, is a constraint to residents’ socioeconomic progress,” stated Mr. Sheikh M. Drammah, Co-Founder of NYPC.

“Launching this long-awaited civics agenda will be done in all the boroughs of NYC starting today from Bronx, to be followed by Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and lastly Staten Island,” he added.

Under the leadership of Mr. Drammeh and Coalition President, Atty Eunice Ukwuani, the team implored the Bronx populace at the occasion to join NYPC in calling on citizens, especially residents of the county, to register if they have not done so, and to endeavor to always try to cast their votes in elections in order to help nurture the cherished American democracy and to usher in gains of democratic dividends to the grassroots.

Speaking during this launch rally, Dr. George Onuorah who ran for City Council on June 22 Democratic Party primary in the 21st district Queens, stated that voter apathy and complacency undermines our democracy.

“It crucial for to know that low turnout may result in not electing best candidates in particular races. Hence, we should all engage ourselves in civics activities to avoid regret, especially at the end of the poll,” he said.

“Our public safety, community Peace building and quality of life crusades are all tied to this mission of countering voter apathy. Instead of helplessly begging politicians to address them, we will support the elections of candidates who prioritize them.

“Against this stubborn voter apathy challenge, New York Political Coalition (A nonpartisan political organization) and its growing partners are launching “New York Civics Agenda” initiative to combat civic apathy in New York and beyond.

“Ranked-Choice Voting for the first time did not help matters, but, notwithstanding, the fact only 998,000 Democratic and Republican registered voters voted out of 4,327,000 (23 percent) in June primary election,” Drammeh concluded.

NYPC is a non-partisan organization whose mission is encourage civic participation, good governance, effective political representation and citizen easy access to voting system.

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