President Trump impeached 2nd time for inciting violence at U.S. Capitol

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The US Congress has impeached the United States President Donald Trump for the second time for inciting insurrection at the Capitol building.

On January 13, 2021, the Congress adopted a resolution which compeled Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The impeachment debate which lasted for about two hours equally divided between Democrats and Republican.

The Congress voted 232 against 197 to invoke the impeachment against Trump.

Democrats and a few Republicans accused the president of instigating his supporters to attack the Capitol building, which claimed five people.

Despite Trump’s denial of responsibility for the insurrection, some members of his Republican party joined Democrats to impeach him.

“We have been asked to turn a blind eye to the criminality, corruption and blatant disregard to the rule of law by the tyrant president we have in the White House,” Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar said in the House debate.

Speaker Pelosi also called the rioters who breached the Capitol “domestic terrorists”.

“Those insurrectionists were not patriots. They were not part of a political base to be catered to. They were domestic terrorists and justice must prevail,” Pelosi said.

Mr Trump has become the first US president ever to be impeached twice.

In December 2019 he was impeached over charges of breaking the law by asking Ukraine to investigate Mr Biden to boost his own chances of re-election.

The insurrection at Capitol happened after Mr Trump told supporters at a rally in Washington DC to “fight like hell” against the result of November 2020 election.

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