Prince Oyewale and other Contestants for Akinrun Stool – The Moon Among the Stars

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By Adeyemi Adeleke O

It is an open-secret that Ikirun, a historical town in Yoruba land – south western Nigeria, is in dire need of a leader, a king that has the capability of transforming the town to the yearning dreams of the indigenes. Since the demise of the formal king earlier this year, many people, known and unknown, from royal families have surfaced to contest for the stool. However, among them all, there’s only one that stands out. And that person is Prince Dhikrullah Oyewale Lawal.

Dr. Prince Oyewole, a young erudite scholar with elegant personality, and internationally certified educator, was born to the family of Magaji, Obaara Dynasty, Ikirun, Osun State.

Oyewale, a Prince, born on July 3rd, 1986 completed his Degree at Ladoke Akintola University, Oyo State. He was awarded Bsc in Chemical Engineering. He’s so passionate about education, thus he proceeded to Turkey for masters and doctorate degree respectively at Yasar University, Izmir.

Prince Dhikrullah Oyewale Lawal got his MSc in Industrial Management and Information System as well as PhD in Business Administration at same University – and he is presently working as a consultant for at least 4 International Universities.

As a direct grandson of Mogaji of Ile Baba Osogbo, Obaara Dynasty, he has been nominated by the family for the vacant Akinrun stool. Prince Oyewale is progressive minded, and digitally Innovative with vast Network across the Globe.

The young prince has accepted the challenge solely to ensuring Ikirun returns to her status and exceeds it – as District Headquarters of Osun Central, with developmental stride in terms of education, economy, security, social and infrastructures.

It’s so saddening no single tertiary Institution is fully in operation in the town yet. Banking institutions and standard supermarkets have packed off due to deplorable conditions of security architecture in the town; thus, Ikirun is no longer attractive to investors.

And unfortunately the available infrastructures, especially newly built secondary school structures, were vandalised during #Endsars Protest. Equipment were looted, computer systems carted away by hoodlums. Sadly, the security of lives and properties have become a big challenge, and adversely hindering growth and development of the town.

Ikirun is potentially opened up to become an industrial hub with development of Dagbolu International Market. However, it is pathetically underutilised. Goods can be imported and exported via the Market with its access to modernized, standard rail gauge – connected to Apapa Seaport. Apparently, Ikirun town has not been seizing the opportunity yet, to grow economically and industrially.

Prince (Dr) Dhikrullah Oyewale Lawal has a great potential to assume the throne of his forefathers, considering his youthfulness and wealth of local and international leadership experience. He’s a vibrant youth, energetic, intelligent, intellectually sound, and highly creative. He understands the concepts of digitalisation as he’s so committed to influencing developments of Ikirun digitally and physically.

Undoubtedly, if Prince Oyewole is chosen to fill in the vacant stool of his forefathers, he will not only spring Ikirun up to an industrial hub of Osun Central; he’ll also make the town an education and digital hub, worthy of emulation by all.

As a home-grown son of the soil, Prince Oyewole has abundant experience on how to utilize the potentials of Ikirun land, and he is the only one with genuine commitment to driving the indigenes to the promise land. The Joseph (i.e. Yusuf) of the Obaara Royal House has come to rescue the land from starvation, insecurity, poverty, underdevelopment and joblessness. Prince Oyewale is, indeed, the moon among the stars.

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