‘Saturate social media with Cuomo kisses; cultural practices are under attack’ – Gender rights activist says

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Founder of Due Process Movement, New York, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, has enjoined New Yorkers to ‘saturate’ social media with ‘Cuomo kisses’ as a form of protest against the unjust and unconstitutional call for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation.

In his message to fellow New Yorkers, Drammeh stated that globally, many people face series of attacks.

“We must all be cognizant of the fact that the long, hard fought #MeTooMovement and the cultural practices of many people around the world are under attack. We must stand firm against any and all forms of unwanted sexual interactions,” Drammeh said in his message on Wednesday March 31, 2021.

“But we must also avoid criminalizing harmless cultural practices dating back millennia.”

He added that since no one has yet to provide relevant facts to support the allegations made against Cuomo, “his political opponents should not be allowed to use these allegations to score political points”.

“Doing so, would unfortunately renders legitimate sexual harassment cases in the future a serious harm,” he added.

“Calling for his resignation without due process is nothing more than political opportunism that New York voters will not stand for it. Give the governor what belongs to him, an unfettered due process,” Drammeh said.

He therefore reminded three of New Yorkers that April 18 is the World Heritage Day.

“Let us all practice Cultural Kisses or better yet #CuomoKiss and share them in our social media platforms and groups. We can’t allow few accusers to criminalize a harmless global cultural practice. Please kiss the people on the cheeks and share them with us in solidarity with the culture of our Italian American Governor Cuomo.

“Let us saturate the social media with Cuomo Kisses,” he concluded.

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