Taliban urges US to stop evacuating skilled Afghans

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The Taliban has urged skilled Afghans not to flee the country,

The new rulers of Afghanistan have warned the United States and its NATO allies to stop evacuating its skilled citizens.

While giving the warning on Tuesday August 24, 2021, the Taliban said the country needed their expertise and Afghans should not be encouraged to leave.

It added that it would not accept an extension to a looming evacuation deadline – even as Western countries said time was running out.

A spokesman for the group told America to stop taking “Afghan experts” such as engineers and doctors out of the country.

About 16,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan over the past 24 hours, according to the Pentagon, as US troops lead an increasingly desperate effort to airlift thousands more before the Taliban’s “red line” for Western forces to leave the country.

US President Joe Biden is under increasing pressure to extend an August 31 deadline to pull out American forces, with Britain expected to lobby for that at a virtual G7 summit on Tuesday.

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