The Pursuit to Destroy Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

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By Jamie Wilcox

I am outraged and sickened how the recent allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo have played out in the media. Andrew Cuomo has been so demonized by the mainstream media, to the point it is sending an underlying message to others he unworthy of due process. For most people, there is nothing like a good scandal. At this point, I no longer see how Cuomo can receive a fair investigation or due process.

The quest to destroy Governor Cuomo brings an analogy to my mind of a group of lions on the prowl. The lions work as a team to quickly target their prey; with some coming from one direction, and others the opposite. They all eventually latch onto the target, and the sheer weight of their force brings their prey down. Are the media and Cuomo’s enemies starting to look and act like a pack of lions? I think so.

Andrew Cuomo has become both the punching bag and the life jacket for main stream media outlets who have seen their ratings plummeted following the post Trump era. Donald Trump and his administration provided a daily, unpredictable horror show for four consecutive years. When Trump was in office, I would check the headlines in trepidation, not knowing what the incoming would be for the day.

Media groups from the left are showcasing their bias and are actively fanning the flames to keep Cuomo’s accusations against front and center. No need to mention the right wing media; Fox News has always propagated lies and distorted the truth. Fox New complained when Andrew Cuomo appeared on his brother’s show, and now they are complaining about Chris not discussing issues about Andrew.

The New York Times and CNN, however, are the new Gestapo and it is very disappointing to me. I’ve always viewed the two as being fair and reporting with a balance. I do not anymore. I made a comment about the NYT becoming more and more like Fox News the other day on their website; it was the first comment I ever made they did not post. I wonder why…

Consider the sex trafficking allegations against Mark Gaetz. Gaetz allegedly had sex with an underage 17 year old girl, and bragged and passed around nude pictures to his republican colleagues. It has been alleged Joel Greenberg, who is in prison for the sex-trafficking of young girls, had a hand in arranging the teen girl for Gaetz. Of course Fox News and the New York Post have been quiet about this, but other media outlets have only made a peep in comparison to their coverage of Cuomo.

The New York Post on Easter Sunday published an unprecedented gossip piece about the personal relationship Cuomo had with his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Lee. The article is suggested Cuomo cheated throughout their relationship. I have a hunch the  timing was deliberate and intentional, as it was likely a given the governor would be celebrating the day with his family. Nothing like an “F You!” on Easter morning. The report relied heavily on one of his accusers, Ana Liss. If ever there was a smear campaign, this is it.

This reporting was malicious and intentionally designed to hurt and humiliate Andrew Cuomo. There are no real facts presented, and the story was packed with conjecture and unsavory jabs by Liss and other unnamed sources. Why would anyone believe the innuendos and conjecture of Ana Lis, who required years of therapy simply because Cuomo once called her sweetheart and kissed her hand? It also begs the question; where are all of these accusations and information coming from?

This anti-Cuomo sentiment has turned into a huge fishing expedition against Governor Cuomo by the media and his enemies. The microcosm of their hate has now developed into a life form of its own. I am not saying we should not be held accountable for our actions. I am saying there is a concerted effort by the media, Lindsey Boylan, Ron Kim, Ana Liss , and the Republican Party to uncover anything with the propensity to appear questionable, and make it appear as untoward as possible.

The pursuit to bring Cuomo down should not be some form of acquiescence to the allegations because nothing has been proven. The media and Cuomo’s numerous enemies are only interested in digging for more and more dirt. Captain Ahab has to hunt his whale, and so does Ms. Ahab. There is a whole slew of Ahab’s now armed with their harpoons in hot pursuit of Andrew Cuomo.

No one cares what type of accusation, or even if it’s out of their “genre” or “cause” – they just want to lynch Cuomo and they want to do it quick. None of the accusations rise to level of impropriety in my opinion. Haters of Cuomo are willing to establish alliances with strangers and foes alike, in the sole effort to do him in. The question of fairness in Governor Cuomo’s behalf is irrelevant to them; they have already appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioner.

What I find equally appalling are the democratic New York legislators who afraid of losing their positions. They are going along with the push to deny Andrew Cuomo due process because they fear alienating women voters. But Andrew Cuomo has rights too, and a large number of women voters who support him. I think they have grossly underestimated how many of Cuomo constituents remain in his corner. Once again, as usual, the democrats are being played by the Republican Party.

I have never recalled any one individual in politics to be consecutively accused of so many unrelated complaints in such a short period of time. Usually when someone faces accusations, the complaints are related. Here, Cuomo is accused of sexual harassment, prioritizing his family to get tested for Covid (I’m sure other governors did as well, as they should had), nursing home deaths, and now for having volunteers help him with his book. By the way, the key word here is “volunteers.”

Another thing I found anomalous, is the assembly impeachment probe has established a hotline to report anything related to the probe against Governor Cuomo. I looked online and this “action” appears to be novel in the arena of politics, and is quite an unusual move. I have never seen this before. After all, given the fact they want Cuomo to resign now, would that not lend itself to the premise they have enough on him already? So why are they still asking and begging for more?

No, there is something not right here – things are just not adding up. The hounds of hell have been released against Andrew Cuomo in a way unparallel to anything I’ve seen before. It appears there is well-oiled machine in motion, cranking out whatever it can by a stretch so Cuomo’s enemies can latch a hold to it. Common foes now work side by side to bring this man down at all cost, and the destruction of him and his family is meaningless to them.

Those who hate Andrew Cuomo are determined to deny him a fair investigation and due process. Cuomo fought 24/7against the coronavirus in New York, and saved so many lives here and around the world. He went beyond the call of duty, and now his enemies want to minimize his efforts. As the pursuit to destroy Governor Andrew Cuomo continues, it should not negate his right as a U.S. citizen to a fair investigation and due process.

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