Why Eric Adams Will Be The Next NYC Mayor

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If Eric Adams is elected NYC Mayor, which polls suggest is the likely outcome of Tuesday’s election, it is because he best articulates the world view and concerns of essential workers and civil servants in the city’s outer boroughs, who often compose a majority of voters in primaries

Right now, the way I see it, their major concerns are

They want to be safe taking public transportation to and from work

They want their children to be safe playing in front of their houses and going to and from school

They want to feel safe when they are shopping and going to and from their churches, synagogues and mosques

These are the issues Eric Adams addresses in his advertisements and press conferences. He is determined to make the people who make the city go feel safe again, but without having police victimize law abiding people of color.

Issues that Andrew Yang addresses, such as homeless encampments in Manhattan business districts, are of secondary concern to them.

And they have no interest, right now in defunding the police, or switching police resources to social work

They want to see MORE police on the streets and in the subways.

That is how I read the political climate in the city…

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